The many ways to tell a story about health

There are so many ways to tell a story about health and healthcare – writing, ilm, infographics… Animation is great for sharing concepts and ideas because it pulls all three together. And the creative opportunities are limitless, which is exciting, but it can be hard to know where to start.

I’m massively proud of this short animation, launched last week, which shares the research findings of Jill Maben OBE and the team at the University of Surrey about what it was really like nursing on the frontline during the pandemic.

The process of making it was a true collaboration – between Jill and her fellow academics, the artist and animators at CC Animation and myself sitting between the two. The process was intensive but fascinating. Our ongoing dialogue made sure every stroke of the artist’s pen, and every line that the actors delivered, captured the nuance of the original research findings.

The end result presents the team’s research findings in a way that’s clear but, importantly, engaging to people who wouldn’t normally read a research paper.

That’s what I’m all about – helping people in health articulate their messages in whatever way works best for the audience and context. Right now, I’m feeling incredibly lucky to be doing just this!

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