The magic ingredients in storytelling

The magic ingredients in storytelling

This is storytelling 101 but it’s so often overlooked. The Idea-impact matrix, devised by storytelling maestro Jay Acunzo, highlights that often, ‘information’ is widely available from different sources. And is fairly iterable, not least by AI. It may have wide spread (lots of hits or likes) but will it really engage your audience with your organisation or brand?

Jay argues that content that is personal and insightful is more likely to become their favourite content – the type that they will engage with deeply.

It follows, then that if you are presenting information (let’s say health content), that should seek to be personal and insightful, too.

That doesn’t have to mean baring your all as a writer. It probably means including at least some of what we used to call ‘human interest’ – people’s voices, lived experience, case studies.

That’s why I always advise clients to include filmed content, interviews, stories and photos in their information – even if only a short but perfectly worded quote.

Of course, a matrix is helpful but every project has its own nuance. If you want an experienced eye on what will work best for you, we can help.

It’s worth reading the full article, but the way– here’s the link.

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