Eleanor Stanley

It’s time to introduce myself

Hello. I’m Eleanor.

In case we’ve not met, I’m a communications consultant specialising in helping experts in health and social change articulate their ideas effectively. I live in Sussex with my partner and two teenage boys, so the soundtrack to my life currently veers between Radio 4 and UK drill.

If you worked with me, this is how it would go:

We’d start with a conversation to help me understand what you need so we can start to unravel your thinking and articulate your ideas.

We’d talk through your aims, your audience’s needs, and how we can bring the two together.

I might help you do some of these things too:

  • gather audience, user and stakeholder insights
  • share recommendations
  • lead on engagement and coproduction
  • develop a content strategy
  • craft compelling messaging
  • devise a brief
  • plan your project
  • rework existing content – for example, turning a pile of data into a vibrant impact report
  • develop your thoughts into a report, film, animation, web content, leaflet… whatever works best for your audience – and manage the project along the way.

Rosie the dog would lie at my feet witnessing the entire process. No chance of mission creep with her in tow.

People tell me I’m easy to work with, but I do care a lot when it comes to good communication, and it’s my job to help you translate your ideas into the words that will hit the spot. So if you’re very attached to language that’s hard to understand or a bit outdated, you can expect a good-natured tug-of-war.

I always enjoy meeting new people and thrashing out problems. So if you’re stuck on something or need a hand, get in touch. If I can’t help, I’ll probably know someone who can.

800 600 Articulate Health